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Autumn Blind Options for Homes

Autumn Blind Options for Homes Near Anaheim, California (CA), for light control, privacy, and warm tones.

Autumn Inspirations

As summer ends, now is the perfect time to start thinking about redecorating your home to welcome the beautiful fall months. When you redecorate for fall, the perfect vibe to shoot for is cozy, warm, and festive. That is why wood blinds are a great way to add a warm and comforting feel to any room in your home. That is why Hunter Douglas offers a variety of autumn Blind options for homes in their wood blinds collection. These beautiful blinds offer premium light control, great privacy, and optimal convenience. Wood blinds also offer a great view outside while still providing shade, allowing you to continue enjoying your view of the beautiful fall leaves. Below are our top picks for the best autumn blind options for your home. 

Parkland® Wood Blinds

Parkland® Wood Blinds from Hunter Douglas are a great choice when considering autumn blind options for homes due to their beautiful hardwood construction. The rich material creates beautiful warm tones and gorgeous textures on your windows. Since hardwood can become susceptible to heat and moisture, a special glaze is applied that gives the wood blinds extra durability for an extended lifetime. You can customize Also customize your Parkland® Wood Blinds in several ways to give your home just the right look. Choose from a wide range of stain colors get the tone just right for any room while showing off the natural grain and texture of the gorgeous material. You can also select from a wide range of paint colors to fit seamlessly into any color scheme. In addition, you can choose from three slat sizes for the right fit for any window.

Everwood® Alternative Wood Blinds

You can still achieve that beautiful look of natural wood but with the convenience of modern materials with the Everwood® Alternative Wood Blind collection! In fact, these blinds are a great way to make any guest think you have genuine wood blinds thanks to the ultra-realistic TruGrain finish by Hunter Douglas. The benefit to this alternative is that the blinds are guaranteed to never break, crack, or warp as a result of hot or humid weather. Like Parkland® Wood Blinds, you can choose different tones of the natural wood look or choose from a large selection of premium colors. You can also choose from three slat sizes as well for the right depth to your blinds. That makes these gorgeous alternative wood blinds one of the best autumn blind options for home this season. 

Perfect Beyond Fall

While wood blinds are ideal for fall due to the flexible light control, warm tones, and convenient access to your view outside, you will likely love them so much that you’ll want to keep them year-round. One available feature that will be especially helpful when summer rolls back around the De-Lite™ feature, which covers up cord holes to enhance privacy and give you a more effective room-darkening effect, ideal for your bedroom to help you sleep. Hunter Douglas also offers multiple convenient operating systems and specialty shapes that open up multiple exciting possibilities for your home.


At Don’s Drapery Service, we want you to have the ideal window treatments for your fall decorations, which is why we offer wood blinds from Hunter Douglas. We are conveniently located in Anaheim, CA and serve Irvine, Yorba Linda, and the surrounding areas. Visit our showroom today to discover more inspiration for fall.