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Best Window Shades for Guest Bedrooms

Best Window Shades for Guest Bedrooms Near Anaheim, California (CA) like Duette Honeycomb for Sound Absorption

Getting the Guest Room in Shape

Home to family and friends that come to visit over long weekends or the holiday season, the guest bedroom holds a special place in the heart of any home. You picked out the perfect comforter, decor, furniture, and cute accents to make any guest feel at home. However, do you ever feel like your guest bed is missing a little something-something? The answer might be hidden in your windows! Without proper shades, guest bedrooms can suffer from harsh light, outside noise, and drab designs. Of course, this doesn’t mean your guest bedroom is doomed! Read on to discover the best shades for guest bedrooms to give your space the refresh it deserves!

Best Shades for Sound Absorption

After a long day of seeing the sights and hanging out with everyone, your guests will most likely look forward to a peaceful night in. However, with cars zooming by or neighbors chatting loudly as they walk their dogs, getting some beauty rest might be a little harder than they thought. Sound absorption is one of the reasons we recommend our Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades as one of the best shades for guest bedrooms. Featuring a unique cellular design, this shade not only traps air at the windows to create a comfortable atmosphere, but it also absorbs up to 70 percent of outside noise. This ensures that your guests will be undisturbed by any outside chatter and clatter. Plus, with a variety of gorgeous colors and room-darkening capabilities, these shades can take your guest bedroom leaps and bounds ahead of where it originally was. No matter which style you choose, Duette® shades will make your guests feel relaxed and at peace for their entire stay.

Best Shade for Fun Designs

What’s a guest bedroom without a little design flair? Whether you love bright, bold colors or subtle, modern accents, the guest bedroom is the perfect place to let your creativity shine. That is why we recommend Design Studio™ Roman Shades as one of the best shades for guest bedrooms. Available in a variety of timeless fabrics and materials like silk, cotton, and linen, these shades make an elegant statement the moment you hang them up. You can even choose from a collection of chic tapes, trims, and complementary valances to up the design ante. As if that weren’t enough, these custom Roman shades also offer eight hand-painted designs from NY designer Rebecca Atwood for a design that your guests are not soon to forget. Available in light-filtering and room-darkening opacities, these shades also provide unparalleled light control all day long.


When it comes to your guest bedroom, adding something as simple as a high-quality shade can give your guest a premium experience. To learn more about the best shades for guest bedrooms, be sure to contact or visit us today at Don’s Drapery Service today!

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